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    Who is Schreuders Sport?

    Schreuders Sport International B.V. (SSI) is an internationally operating wholesaler / importer of sport and leisure products since 1918.

    Private productions in for instance the far east enable SSI to bring a wide range of products to the market at attractive prices.

    With this, SSI focuses on retailers and wholesalers in the whole of the Netherlands and far beyond.

    For years SSI has been a reliable partner for the sports, toys, outdoor, camping and cycling sectors, but for instance also relief organisations

    Wintersport Leerdam B.V., under the same management, focuses on winter products. Ice skates, sledges but also caps/hats, scarves, gloves and various wintersport wear are available directly ex stock as well.

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    Trading conditions

    Schreuders Sport International B.V. and Wintersport Leerdam B.V. deliver exclusively to companies that meet the sector requirements, such as sports, camping, clothing, toy stores, but also cycling specialist shops, hardware stores and the like.

    We do not deliver to private persons, clubs or associations!

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    Nijdam® Junior
    3024 Ice Hockey Skate Junior Adjustable • Hardboot •
    Nijdam® Junior
    3414 Speed Skate Junior Adjustable • Semisoft Boot •
    3350 Ice Hockey Skate • Semisoft Boot •
    Nijdam® Junior
    3004 Bob Skates Adjustable • Uni •
    0034 Figure Skate Classic Women • Basic •
    Nijdam® Junior
    3080 Figure Skate Girls Adjustable • Hardboot •
    0307 Snowboots Sr • Canadian Hiker •
    0273 Sledge Wood • Davos 100 cm •
    Nijdam® Junior
    3002 Bob Skates Adjustable • Print •
    0247 Winter Socks • 2-Pack •
    0298 Sledge Plastic • Twister •
    0956 Ski Helmet • Summit •
    0297 Sledge Plastic • Baby Bob •
    Nijdam® Junior
    52SZ Inline/Ice Skate Combo • Semisoft Boot •
    0270 Ice Skate Aid